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dreams of love
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8th-Aug-2010 10:34 pm - GANTZ press conference
also posted in kanata_hongo 

kanata-kun also made a comment on ninomiya
thanks to the one who uploaded it
XxXJh0natanXxX --- youtube account. 

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5th-Aug-2010 09:40 pm - GANTZ movie press conference =D
also posted in kanata_hongo 

Recent press conference of GANTZ!
their conference just ended ne~

a picture of kanata-kun
will edit this one if i find more pictures...

and here is the video i found in youtube (just a short one). credits to the one who uploaded this video (not my video)

 watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQSMuhFpzYo
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1st-Aug-2010 10:12 pm - Follow on Twitter!

Do you guys have a twitter account? 
if so, can you please follow kanata_update

i have noticed that no one have created a fan-group-like account in twitter. 
and i think there's a lot of kanata hongo fans in twitter!

this account will give and share the latest kanata hongo news, pictures, updates and other related stuffs to the fans around the globe. so feel free to follow. 

it's nice if all kanata hongo fans will gather in different social network. like in facebook and others... (too bad the other fan page of kanata-kun in facebook was deleted few months ago)


so feel free to follow ne~

note: not the official twitter page. this is just a fan made account :))
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25th-Jul-2010 10:29 pm - Kanata-kun is Wearing My Shirt!
been very very very busy this past weeks...
it's really tough ne~
college life is really tough. tons of works to be done and to be submitted. 

anyway....  need to relax and have fun... this is how i have fun... XD

Kanata-kun is wearing my shirt! he's wearing the shirt that i have made... 
i'm a little bit shy now... why is he showing it to everyone?! LOL.


anyways... lets support kanata-kun all the way! 
hope i could watch the interview... the one where the whole GANTZ casts is in. of course kanatakun is there too...
there's a live broadcast online but it's exclusive for japan ne~

is there any other way to watch it? O.o
looking forward on TOKYO23 and GANTZ! 
but... i really wish he could do another drama like siegi no mikata... miss his prince-like, cool-type role :))

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 Kanata-kun's official site just recently updated XD
no new diary entry as of now... but i'm waiting for it...
the only thing being updated was the information section.

here it is:

【WOWOW ミッドナイト☆ドラマ「TOKYO23~サバイバルシティ」出演決定!】
WOWOW ミッドナイト☆ドラマ「TOKYO23~サバイバルシティ」

same as the ones in the other news. 
just a 5 episode drama.
it will start this SEPTEMBER 4, 2010 at midnight. lol. so mark down your calendars guyz!

so far... i'm still searching for more info about the manga. maybe i'll post some later at night.

useful infos:
* the manga only have 3 volumes. so that basically explains why the drama will only cover up to 5 episodes. 

more infos to come XD


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19th-Jul-2010 09:53 pm - New Drama For Kanata! :))

 first posted in LJ by [info]blesyeecute028 in kanata_hongo --- thanks! :))

i really have a feeling that kanata-kun will have a new drama (it's summer in Japan so Kanata-kun will somehow have time to shoot for a new drama ne~ ) that's why i regularly check his site this past few days. Unfortunately, there's no update. Luckily, i found the post of[info]blesyeecute028. :))

"Actor Yuya Yagira (20) has been given his first lead role in a television drama series. He will be the star of WOWOW's "TOKYO23: Survival City," based on Takeshi Arashida and Eiji Hashimoto's "TOKYO23" manga series.

Set in the 23 special wards of Tokyo, the action series revolves around the mysterious "X Game," a deadly competition with a 100 million yen prize. Participants are given a bracelet, and those who are able to wear it until the end of the game are awarded the prize. Those who can't keep it on fall victim to unusual deaths. Yagira plays Noboru, an unemployed youth who enters the game hoping to achieve his dream of becoming a martial arts fighter. Yagira reportedly had to shed 10 kilograms for the role.

Kanata Hongo (19) plays Noboru's ally in the game. Other cast members include Maho Nonami, Rin Takanashi, and Yoji Tanaka.

The show is scheduled to run for five episodes in WOWOW's Saturday midnight time slot, starting on September 4."

It's TOKYO23: Survival City!
I'm trying to search for what kind of character will kanata take but it seems i can't find any source or anything about the manga... why? why? why? But anyway, i'll try to search again tomorrow. i need to know the story. but it seems this is also talking about death! Will he still take the dark/cool/cute role? 

it really doesn't matter for as long as kanata-kun is acting. lol. i think 5 episodes is too short. but oh well.... for as long as kanata's on it. :))

so it's really a new drama! yay! But kanata-kun haven't updated his blog so i'm still waiting for his official words. O.o

He'll be acting together with Yuya Yagira (He won best actor at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival), 

Rin Takanashi 
Remember her? She acted together with kanata-kun in GOTH. They are acting again together... it's so nice. I have to admit... they both look cute together :))


i can't control my self... i'm sharing this picture... lol. they really look so cute ne~
during GOTH times... kawaii kanata-kun!
i don't have (or maybe i lost) the picture where both of them are holding hands... during the part where they are sitting. *sigh*

also acting together with maho nonami and yoji tanaka.
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12th-Jul-2010 05:35 pm - Little Kawaii Kanata Hongo :))

it's been a week since the last time i've updated. 

nothing much for this new entry. just want to spread the cuteness of our little Kanata Hongo! :))

picture spam!!! 



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4th-Jul-2010 02:53 pm - JULY is the month for new singles!
my first post for the month of July :))

CONGRATULATIONS to the first winner in the "QUESTION CORNER

the question: given in a situation where you will have a chance to sit with kanata-kun in this love seat for 5 minutes (and talk privately), what will the things you would like to share to him or the things you would like to talk. remember, you should never let him become bored. think of ways how you would deal with this situation.

a part of her answer: we'll skip work, except if he was the one to bring it up, then i'll ask about Rami, cause he sure loves rami and has loads to tell <3 endrizka 

i really had a hard time choosing for the best answer. all of the answers are great! but i ended up choosing endrizka-chan's answer.
try to imagine it... the sweet smile in kanata-kun's face... he usually have that expression when he talks about his dog... rami-chan! for sure, kanata-kun will never be bored. he may have a lot of unshared experiences together with rami... i think that's the best way to keep the conversation alive... :))



as for July... i have noticed that there's a lot of japanese and korean artists releasing their new singles. yay! there's a lot of new songs from my favorite artists! here's some of the new singles and music videos that i have watched.

TO BE FREE by arashi: www.youtube.com/watch
 they look so cool in the video. i like the last part towards the ending. i like how nino hit those high notes :))
 I NEED A GIRL by taeyang ft. gd (bigbang): www.youtube.com/watch
 taeyang! finally.. his new album "solar". good song and great music video! dara was in the music video... taeyang and dara looks good together. also love the part of GD. 

BIRD by yuya matsushita: www.youtube.com/watch
 totally different from his previous songs. this one is more mellow... although he still finds a way so that he could dance. lol. like the last part... the last post to be exact. the dancers are well coordinated and yuya-kun is so graceful. as usual :))

ATASHI by anna tsuchiya: www.youtube.com/watch
finally... anna tsuchiya is back. kinda miss her songs. in my opinion, it's not her best song but i still love it. 

PLEASE SAY WITH ME by yui: listentheworld.wordpress.com/2010/07/02/yui-please-stay-with-me-pv/ 
yay! new music video. yui with long hair! feel relaxed when listening to her voice. she's one of my favorite female artist.

BRAND NEW DAYS by f.t island: www.youtube.com/watch
hmmmmmmm... not really a big fan of FT Island. but i do enjoy their music. their previous single "flower rock" is nice. this one is also good. i really enjoy watching their music videos.

did i miss someone? i think i miss something... tell me if i do miss a new single for this month :))

wait. i forgot someone!
Kanata Hongo's debut single!!!

LOL. i hope.... someday.
I really think he does have a good voice. simply put this way... GACKT let him sing because he thinks kanata does have a potential as a singer. i think :))

see? look at kanata-kun! look at his expression! he's feeling the song! :))

anyway, hope they'll release a video where kanata is singing. it makes me wonder... is there no single person from that event who holds a videocam or recorded a video throughout the show? maybe they are not allowed to record a video. *sigh*
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27th-Jun-2010 11:22 pm - who will sit beside me?

 to the first winner in the "QUESTION CORNER

a part of her answer: we'll skip work, except if he was the one to bring it up, then i'll ask about Rami, cause he sure loves rami and has loads to tell <3 endrizka 

this is new (i need to make my account more lively and active). i'll be asking random questions just for fun. hope you'll answer this one. let's share some interests and get to know each other. gather up all kanata hongo fans! i'll be choosing the best answer among the fans. hope you'll answer this too.

i think this is the first time i posted 3 times in a row. 
it's sunday so i really don't have anything to do.

just sharing one of my edited pics.

it's a LOVE SEAT!
(first to comment will have a chance to sit first on the LOVE SEAT with kanata-kun!) LOL.


QUESTION: given in a situation where you will have a chance to sit with kanata-kun in this love seat for 5 minutes (and talk privately), what will the things you would like to share to him or the things you would like to talk. remember, you should never let him become bored. think of ways how you would deal with this situation. who knows? maybe this could happen in the future.

i'll be choosing the best answer (i'll be fair. promise). hope you'll cooperate. let's have some fun! lol.

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26th-Jun-2010 11:07 pm - Requested Pictures :))
 this is from "awesome" magazine. 
requested by: haruna4020 

i love the 3rd and 4th picture. which one do you like?

he's getting older... does he? for me, it seems he's getting younger and younger... lol.
baby face kanata-kun! looking forward for more magazine pictures!

does anyone has the latest koimen magazine where kanata's in? :))
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