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dreams of love
JULY is the month for new singles! 
4th-Jul-2010 02:53 pm
my first post for the month of July :))

CONGRATULATIONS to the first winner in the "QUESTION CORNER

the question: given in a situation where you will have a chance to sit with kanata-kun in this love seat for 5 minutes (and talk privately), what will the things you would like to share to him or the things you would like to talk. remember, you should never let him become bored. think of ways how you would deal with this situation.

a part of her answer: we'll skip work, except if he was the one to bring it up, then i'll ask about Rami, cause he sure loves rami and has loads to tell <3 endrizka 

i really had a hard time choosing for the best answer. all of the answers are great! but i ended up choosing endrizka-chan's answer.
try to imagine it... the sweet smile in kanata-kun's face... he usually have that expression when he talks about his dog... rami-chan! for sure, kanata-kun will never be bored. he may have a lot of unshared experiences together with rami... i think that's the best way to keep the conversation alive... :))



as for July... i have noticed that there's a lot of japanese and korean artists releasing their new singles. yay! there's a lot of new songs from my favorite artists! here's some of the new singles and music videos that i have watched.

TO BE FREE by arashi: www.youtube.com/watch
 they look so cool in the video. i like the last part towards the ending. i like how nino hit those high notes :))
 I NEED A GIRL by taeyang ft. gd (bigbang): www.youtube.com/watch
 taeyang! finally.. his new album "solar". good song and great music video! dara was in the music video... taeyang and dara looks good together. also love the part of GD. 

BIRD by yuya matsushita: www.youtube.com/watch
 totally different from his previous songs. this one is more mellow... although he still finds a way so that he could dance. lol. like the last part... the last post to be exact. the dancers are well coordinated and yuya-kun is so graceful. as usual :))

ATASHI by anna tsuchiya: www.youtube.com/watch
finally... anna tsuchiya is back. kinda miss her songs. in my opinion, it's not her best song but i still love it. 

PLEASE SAY WITH ME by yui: listentheworld.wordpress.com/2010/07/02/yui-please-stay-with-me-pv/ 
yay! new music video. yui with long hair! feel relaxed when listening to her voice. she's one of my favorite female artist.

BRAND NEW DAYS by f.t island: www.youtube.com/watch
hmmmmmmm... not really a big fan of FT Island. but i do enjoy their music. their previous single "flower rock" is nice. this one is also good. i really enjoy watching their music videos.

did i miss someone? i think i miss something... tell me if i do miss a new single for this month :))

wait. i forgot someone!
Kanata Hongo's debut single!!!

LOL. i hope.... someday.
I really think he does have a good voice. simply put this way... GACKT let him sing because he thinks kanata does have a potential as a singer. i think :))

see? look at kanata-kun! look at his expression! he's feeling the song! :))

anyway, hope they'll release a video where kanata is singing. it makes me wonder... is there no single person from that event who holds a videocam or recorded a video throughout the show? maybe they are not allowed to record a video. *sigh*
close up
4th-Jul-2010 07:03 am (UTC)
again, thanks for choosing my answer as best :)

wait. i forgot someone!
Kanata Hongo's debut single!!!
you almost got me there XD i'm curious about his voice now... :P
4th-Jul-2010 07:07 am (UTC)
haha. :))
no problem.

lol. kanata's debut single... someday... someday.... someday... lol. ne~
i can imagine... i can hear a deep but sweet voice :))
4th-Jul-2010 07:10 am (UTC)
fans can dream yea? XDD
just imagining it is making me flail XD
4th-Jul-2010 08:57 am (UTC)
wait. i forgot someone!
Kanata Hongo's debut single!!!
LOL. i hope.... someday.
I really think he does have a good voice. simply put this way... GACKT let him sing because he thinks kanata does have a potential as a singer. i think :))

I really love those sentences.. kanata-kun has a masculine voice.. i also think he would be a great singer someday.. no one can tell but i hope kanata-kun could find his talent in singing..i really want to hear his voice while singing..

and also congrats to endrizka..
5th-Jul-2010 01:04 pm (UTC)
haha :))

he'll be a great singer someday. or maybe he'll end up having a band of his own. :))
6th-Jul-2010 11:59 am (UTC)
ahaha.. of course he will!!

I am really excited.. hehe..a new band for him
5th-Jul-2010 07:24 pm (UTC)
Omg that picture, I was wondering where he sang. :(
6th-Jul-2010 12:40 pm (UTC)
oh... that one. :))
it's from Kamui Gakuen Concert of Gackt-san... just last december 2009.
unfortunately, there's no released video (as of now) :((
6th-Jul-2010 11:58 pm (UTC)
Boo, that's upsetting. They should have him sing in some scene so we know if he can sing.
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