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25th-Jun-2010 10:57 pm - it's raining! :))

this will be the first entry for "extra" topic! i'm kinda bored so i created this one. hmmmm... it's just a regular post or you can consider it as an off-topic. or should i say... this would be a topic more about me (plus pictures of kanata... lol) :))


finally it's a rainy season! in my place, it always rain in the afternoon. dark clouds will form... scary! but i prefer rain. it's good to have a cold weather than to experience the sizzling hotness of the sun. LOL. when there is rain, i feel relaxed and at the same time, i feel sad. the sky is crying... that's what people usually says. 

usually, it's so hot in the morning then it will rain in the afternoon. so i need to prepare.... need an umbrella and vitamins! lol. 

see? kanata-kun is always prepared. lol. lol. lol.
he's also sad... is he sad cuz it's raining. maybe he's sad because you guyz forgot your umbrellas! he's worried about us. we should bring umbrellas next time ne~? 


when it rains i usually stare outside my window. yay! kanata-kun is also staring... staring on me? staring on you? who's he staring? ahahahahaha.

this topic is all about rain ne~ 

it's all about rain because i got wet just this afternoon because i forgot to bring my umbrella! ahahaha. now that makes sense. 

is it raining in there? did you guyz also ended up getting wet from rain?

oh! i almost forgot! yanmega's last episode is tonight! (i think it's done already... different time.) so sad... it will end. will there be a special episode? i hope so...

bye.... and take care :))

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18th-Jun-2010 09:58 pm - i'm sharing a picture :))
 also posted on kanata_hongo 

 wew. finally a free time. classes just resumed so i haven't updated for a long time. 

because i'm happy right now... i will share a picture of kanata-kun to all the fans of kanata :))
it's actually one of my favorite photo. (hope you haven't seen this one yet)

he's wearing shorts. lol. it made me go "wow"!

just by looking at this picture, it will make my day so perfect. i always view this picture every morning. you guyz should try it too, it will surely make your day PERFECT.

just click the image to make it more bigger.


kanata haven't updated his dairy yet. i think it's about time that he should be updating his diary. maybe he's too busy. well, gonna wait. :))

sorry in advance if i can't update my account regularly. i'll be so busy in the next days and months. i will really be serious with my studies
from now on. 
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sorry for opening this topic again. but i can't leave this one hanging. i stopped my research regarding this one but there was a time when i have a found a big lead. 

okay. consider my previous entries (research #1 part 1 and part 2) INVALID.
don't mind those things because it seems i made a mistake.

let's focus more on my previous entry titled "RUMOR #1: Kanata Hongo in Nihon University"


few days ago, i stumbled (once again) on a blog owned by a japanese.
that person had an entry regarding kanata-kun... 

and guess what? she mentioned on her blog that she was very happy because kanata-kun have passed on them. 
(clearly she meant that she saw kanata-kun in her campus. by reading her previous lines on that day, she was talking about some school festival and stuffs.)

and here is the big revelation: She is in Nihon University.
(she really didn't mentioned it but i checked her previous entries and there was a picture with a banner. more likely it's the entrance ceremony. thanks coolnat466 for helping me to read the text on the picture :D )

basically nihon university has 3 campus. so we don't know from what campus is she from. 
judging from her entry, she said about a small school spring festival held last may 15 (saturday). so i searched once again and i found out that it was an event for new students in COLLEGE OF ARTS, NIHON UNIVERSITY, TOKOROZAWA CAMPUS.
there will be a performance by the students in all levels (a typical gathering). i even got the time of that event (1:50 p.m.-14:10pm)

putting this clues together, i could say that probably kanata-kun was really taking up photography (since he is a big fan of pictures and cameras and stuffs like that). Nihon University is really a good and popular school. there are many well-known photographers graduated from that school. 

what bothers me is that why did he said it takes 2 hours of travel (one-way) to his school. Tokyo to Tokorozawa only takes an hour (at most). hmmmm.... i need to double check that. 


sorry if i can't provide more facts. i don't want to post this yet but i know i'll be busy next week (classes starts) so i need to post this now. i can't organize properly my thoughts right now so sorry for the rumble-of-thoughts-post. 

"it's up to you if you'll believe it or not. as of now there is no official statement of kanata regarding on what school he's in. "
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31st-May-2010 10:22 pm - 8 months to wait.... *sigh*
i also posted this on kanata_hongo 


 just adding more screen shots of kanata in GANTZ.

i've been watching the trailer (idk if it's really a trailer) over and over again for weeks. i know we want time to go fast but it's really impossible. lol. basically around 8 months to wait (if it's really going to be shown in january 2011). but for me, i guess it will be 11 months (raw and subs. lol) to wait since i'm not in japan and my country isn't included in the list (where GANTZ will be released).


Kanata Hongo + Gun = scary... but super cool (lol)

more pictures...Collapse )


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just recently, i realized that getting rumors and answering it with explanations and doing research is a good past time. lol. 

so here it is! rumor #2! This is a little bit old (or should i say really old). For those who didn't know about this, then please continue reading. 

my answer regarding this rumor: IT IS TRUE :))

Hinode High School 


Remember kanata's korea issue? (if you don't know what i'm talking about, then just don't mind what i said. past is past.)  That was the first time the name of  kanata's school appeared. No one posted some facts that he really did go to that school except for the pictures which spread like wildfire on the net.  I'm not posting those pictures here because every time I see those pictures, I get jealous. LOL. But seriously, the issue is not a big deal, so as the pictures.

Going back to the topic. Since kanata already graduated from their school, so he's now an alumni. So I checked the names of the students who graduated from their school. 

There's a lot of famous people in their school by the way. 

i'll post the names of someone i know (it's under the list of 1990 and above... so it's the same age as kanata. I'm thinking that there's a possibility that some of them are classmates of kanata)

1. Kanata Hongo
2. Risa Narita (former AKB48)
3. Kaho (also under stardust agency... same with kanata)

and there are 4 boys coming from johhny's jr.

Ueno Juri (Nodame Cantabile, Last Friends) also studied from that school.

theres a lot of names remaining. feel free to explore.


message to anonymous: first of all, i'm not spreading rumors. this was posted so that the rumors will stop... not to spread. That's why i answer the rumors... whether if it is true or not. With this, we can stop negative rumors and protect the image of kanata. please don't get me wrong.  And second, i was just posting some informations which are already spreading in the net. All i did was to mention this again in my profile with my own opinion.

now for the university research. i think i went to far. so i'll stop that. all i wanted was to know his course. that's all. i personally think it's not a big deal since i'm not hurting or stepping anyone. but either way, i'll stop that research. 

and i think i know who you are. comment deleted by the way :)
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please view my latest post: http://lunamyrs.livejournal.com/8336.html


i edited my post last night. (changed Ibaraki University as #2 on my list.)

then just this morning, i deleted my other entry.
and changed Ibaraki University again as my #1 on my list.

sorry for making you confused guyz. anyway, it's not official though.

what makes me confused lat night was that I have read something from the net.


hmmmm. i read something on the net last night stating that kanata is in nihon university and he is taking up arts, photography to be precise. we all know kanata's a little bit attached to camera's, DSLR and stuffs (i have one because i'm taking up journalism course and dslr cameras is much needed for photo journalism. but i shifted to another course. LOL)

also read somewhere in the net where someone claimed to see kanata in the train (commuted together). he/she said that he's probably in Nihon university.

so i checked and researched for more facts/statements. then i stumbled once again on a another site. this time someone is claiming that he/she saw kanata in nihon university. he/she is also claiming to be a student in that school.

Nihon Univeristy


it could be fake testimonies. or it can be real. 
that's why it's called rumor. LOL.

to give an answer regarding this rumor, I did research. 

Nihon university is the largest university in japan. Well known due to the college of art. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nihon_University

honestly, this didn't make it on my list. i did consider one art school but it's a different school. this didn't made it on my list because of one reason: it's located in tokyo. Do you really need to travel 2 hours via train to go somewhere in tokyo when in the first place, you're in tokyo? (assuming kanata is in tokyo. but he really did mentioned before that he is in tokyo. unless they transfered somewhere.)

Tokyo is a big city. i know. but it will not take 2 hours of travel. 

but that is only my opinion. 

the BEST thing that i could think of to get informations is that to ask students from the respective universities (i can't believe i'm going this far. LOL)


been very busy this past days. i can't even sleep properly because my mind can't stop analyzing and thinking for some possibilities. lol. so i'll slow things down from now on. will take it step by step. :))

and oh! the rumored high school where kanata goes seems to be true. will post it an article if someone asked. lol. and it seems ueno juri (nodame cantabile) is an alumni from that school (i'm not sure on that part since i haven't done a research on her yet)

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i made a mistake. please refer to my latest entry: http://lunamyrs.livejournal.com/8336.html

Here it is!!!

In the previous entry, I said that i have 8 universities on my list. And now, i end up having 4. (i don’t know if that’s really a good sign or a bad sign)

I started my search in Kanto region because of the fact that Kanata-kun is staying somewhere in Tokyo. He mentioned it before that he’s now living in Tokyo because it will make his work much easier.

Kanto has 7 prefectures. So, i narrowed down my choices by using Kanata’s clues. “My university is very far from my house. It takes about 2 hours to get there... one way"

2 hours of travel is too far!

There is this useful site that gives the exact time (number of hours/min) if you travel from one place to another via train.

Ibaraki, Tochigi and Gunma immediately came down to my list.

There’s actually a small possibility that it could be in Chiba. So I did include Chiba just to be sure. (Chiba University is actually a good school. I heard it somewhere though. I thought Kanata could be in there. lol)

There’s a total of 77 UNIVERSITIES in 4 PREFECTURES!

Then came the busy work. I can’t depend on pure instinct. So i did my extreme research with the help of (again) Kanata’s clues. “I don’t want to ride it but if I miss the train during rush hour, I can’t transfer to the other train” and “I think everyone already started second semester but my university had a vacation from the beginning of August until the end of September”

These lines means that he transfer from one train to the other (the site i mentioned also indicates how many times you will transfer. It’s really useful ~ne?) and his school doesn’t follow tri-semester. (a few number of schools follows tri-semester)

I ended up with 8 schools from different prefectures which somehow fits the description well. So what i did was i locate the schools with the help of google earth. It’s definitely weird to go this far right? I went this far because Kanata did mentioned that “Our university is surrounded by nature” and “Then, I use school buses but it is also crowded with students” (I cancelled some schools which doesn't fit this sentence)

Google earth is really useful. Trust me. :))

Enough with the explanation. Here are the schools/universities which Kanata MAY BE in... (i’m not saying he’s there, he might be. )

This is in order. The #1 means the highest possibility of school he’s in.


(edited: Ibaraki university is now #2 on my list)
MAY 23: (edited: I changed my mind. I got a wrong info. Ibaraki U still comes first. gomen.)

#1. IBARAKI UNIVERSITY (Hitachi Campus)

I can’t say i’m 100% sure but every clue i got really fits well and leads me to this university.

It has a distance of 152.7 km. (from tokyo)

There are 5 possible routes going to Hitachi. 1 route perfectly fit kanata’s clue (2 hours of travel). All the routes passes by Ueno station. Then you need to transfer to another train. (remember this line? “don’t want to ride it but if I miss the train during rush hour, I can’t transfer to the other train”)

Route 1: 113min
Route 2: 125min
Route 3: 120min
Route 4: 132min
Route 5: 99min

Now, what makes my research incomplete is that I don’t know where in Tokyo Kanata lives. So the distance really matters. That’s why I think I need to consider routes 1, 2, and 5) In my opinion, Kanata is someone who is accurate and gives importance on time. So when he said 2 hours, I think it’s really 2 hours. (just my opinion)

Google Earth... a view on ibaraki university. it's a big university right?

compare the picture above from the picture below.


From Hitachi station, you need to ride the bus to go to ibaraki university. Kanata said he rides a school bus. i'm still checking the university if it offers a school bus. But the descriptions really fits ~ne?

now, if it's true that he is on ibaraki university, then it's really easy to determine what course he's taking! 
ibaraki university (Hitachi Campus) is a campus for engineering students. (college of engineering)

And also, I checked the academic calendar of the school. some of the facts fits perfectly. (base on his diary entries)

ibaraki university enters the top 100 ranking in the university popularity ranking of japan. so it's a little bit well known school. But it is not included on the top 30 universities of japan.


The entries a little bit long. I'm a little bit tired too. lol.

So i'll end this entry not because i'm tired (or maybe i'm really tired. lol) but because i'm confused with something. 

i asked some questions to[info]coolnat466 regarding on my research. thanks nat-chan for answering those questions. her answers really helped me a lot. So, I will not yet post the names of the other universities. depending on the result, ibaraki university might not remain as #1 on the list. i'm just a little bit excited so i ended up posting this one. 

i'll also search for more facts and also some evidence. lol. if ever i can find one.

I’m still looking for a timetable regarding on the train’s daily schedule. If I could grab a list of that, I can be certain with my theory. The only important thing that doesn’t fit well in my clues is the departing time and arrival time of the train. (don’t worry, i’ll make this clear. I need more references)

see you on my next entry!

if you know something that could help my research, please do tell me. and if you don't agree with my theory, tell me what's wrong... i accept violent reactions :) LOL!

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First of all, I’M BACK.
Thank you for your greetings mina.
I had a wonderful vacation!

i really want to share my experiences during my vacation. lol. but it seems i have a much more important matter to post. 


It took me several weeks in this research. There are tons of Universities in Japan and fortunately, i have narrowed my searches down to 8 universities.

Let me make this clear. This is just based on my own research and with the help of my personal and online friends. Definitely it isn’t a 100% sure that Kanata is in the 8 universities that I will mention. In my opinion, I think it will have a probability rate of 54%.
I didn’t end up in these universities just because of guess. These universities came into my list because of some FACTS, RESEARCH, and INTUITION. LoL.

It’s up to you if you’ll believe on it or not.


JUNON November 2009

• I think everyone already started second semester but my university had a vacation from the beginning of August until the end of September, so I still have summer holidays
• When I have classes, I get up at 5:40 AM and quickly get ready to leave home. My university is very far from my house. It takes about 2 hours to get there (one-way); and trains are always full of commuters.
• I don’t want to ride it but if I miss the train during rush hour, I can’t transfer to the other train.
• Then, I use school buses but it is also crowded with students. I had a talk with a friend and we both want to avoid the rush hour.
Our university is surrounded by nature, therefore, the air is clean and it’s cool in the morning even during the summer season.

And I did used some of his diary entries as references. The BOLD ones are important statements i used in my research.

(trust me, i don't want to cut this entry but i also don't want to make it so long since i'm tired. lol.) 
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12th-May-2010 04:00 pm - HIATUS (second time)
 just wanted to have a very very very quick post. lol.
i'm supposed to be on hiatus yesterday. (but i'm not sure at that time)

i'm on HIATUS for 1 week.
i'll be having my summer vacation somewhere and i'm not sure if i can even access the net there.

been so tired lately. i need a break. and this is it. lol.

gomen[info]coolnat466. i'm supposed to pm you yesterday but somethings happened. i promise to send a msg when i'm back. i need to ask you something regarding my research. LOL. thanks in advance.


i'm still stalking kanata. I've searched and gathered some facts regarding on what school (university in college) does he go and... (the other one's still a secret since i can't get enough information)

So far, i've narrowed down my searches. But still analyzing something. I'll be posting a
DETAILED explanation next week or so.

need to hurry. i'll be leaving in an hour. 
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10th-May-2010 12:26 am - VS Arashi
 just recently, i've started watching again vs arashi.

and i think this episode below was aired last year. i'm pretty far from catching up the latest episodes. 

the guest in this episode is GACKT! every time i see gackt, i always end up saying "he's soooooo coooooolllll!"

here are the videos... ]
got it from harukokenzaki 

and oh, the reason why I started watching again vs arashi it's because i'm watching Ryusei no Kizuna of ninomiya. somehow his performance triggered me to watch again their show. lol

i hope kanata-kun will be a guest in their show. hmmmmm. someday. 


i haven't updated my journal like the usual because i'm working on something. or should i say i'm stalking someone to the extent of searching for some personal informations. *evil laugh* 

it's been 3 days and i have a few theories. i still need some evidence to support my findings though. yes, it''s about kanata. but don't hope for something big because i might fail. but i do hope i'm on the right track.
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